Water based inks

Dear Partners, 

Technical information about our inks you can find in appropriate part of our web-site. Here we would like to describe on inks in simple words which are used by our clients. So we mainly produce water based inks of the following types: 

1. Water based matt ink for printing on brown and white cardboard

2. Water based gloss ink for printing on white cardboard

3. Water based inks for printing on BOPP, OPP substrates. 

4. Water based inks for printing on textile spools

5. Water based inks for printing on PP bags. 

6. Pastes and lacquers for dispersing (mixing) stations. 

We also produce some special inks. All special types of inks are produced in accordance with special requirements of our clients. 

If you have any questions or you have any special requirements you can apply to our Sales Department or our Technical Support Department. For every client when it is needed we create online chat in any messenger to offer 24 hours support.